Bolondi Cleaning Heads s.n.c. di Manfredi Dante e Fabrizio

Production of heads and rotating nozzles for washing

Company Profile

Bolondi Cleaning Heads s.n.c. di Manfredi Dante e Fabrizio developed, in the 80s and 90s, a large amount of technological innovations in the field of washing head production, thanks to a process of production optimization born from a careful and meticulous feed-back with the major customers.

Today it offers a complete range of products for low and high pressure on the market, able to meet the needs of all companies that need a product suitable for sanitizing and cleaning, from the small container to the large environment.

Much attention has been paid to the integration with industrial machines and plants, especially in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, oenological, transport, urban and construction garbage sectors, with the use of materials compatible with the most varied products.

Particularly important is also the particular finishing of each single component which, combined with an innovative design, allows to produce real jewels, technologically advanced in all aspects.

Bolondi Cleaning Heads s.n.c. di Manfredi Dante e Fabrizio has as its primary objective constant innovation and continuous improvement of its production, while maintaining particular attention paid to the social.
All the behaviors inside are inspired by a Code of Ethics, based on a clearly defined and defined charter of values and shared with everyone who has relationships with the company.

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  • RoHS - RoHS 2002/95/CE certification
  • PED - 2014/68/UE certification, Pressure Equipment Directive
  • ISO - ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • ATEX - Atex certification
  • FDA - FDA certification